Land Purchase Consultation

The Parish Council has the opportunity to acquire two parcels of land:

Part of the field behind the Parish Hall and to the rear of Model Cottages and ‘The Green’ at the junction of Model Cottages and Woodbury Road. A location map showing the 2 parcels of land can be downloaded here (PDF).

We are able to utilise S106 ‘planning funds’ to transfer the land to our ownership. However, before the funds can be released East Devon District Council requires confirmation that parish residents support the acquisition of the land.

The Parish Council’s intentions are as follows:

  • Acquire the land for the community to ensure it can continue to be used to celebrate both local and national events such as fetes and jubilees.
  • Improve access to the area by removing the stile.
  • Install welded mesh fencing to a height of seven foot to fence off the boundaries with Model Cottages, the Parish Hall car park and the far boundary.
  • Improve the quality of the grass by moving from pasture to a mix of grasses.
  • Enable Lady Seaward’s school to have access to a grassed area for both recreation and sport
  • Listen to community suggestions with regard to land use

To facilitate the consultation process please respond by email with a ‘yes' or 'no' response to - you can also include any suggestions that you may have for the land's use.

Please note that only votes received prior to the deadline of 5th October 2023 can be considered.

Alternatively you can download a PDF of the consultation document and voting form. This can then be handed to your local Parish Councillor or dropped in to the box at the Church.